Friday, January 20, 2012

Wow, I have health conscious children.

I really was surprised last night when my middle son said that he didn't eat his school lunch because it had chicken nuggets on it.  Chicken nuggets are commonly made from a meat product that is a lovely pepto bismol pink color.   He said he didn't want to eat the processed stuff so didn't eat at all. His teacher bought him an ice cream later. My first thought was how awesome it was to see that my child is wanting real food not the fake crap that is ate by a majority of American school children.  My second thought was, great now the school social worker is going to be calling again asking if we need anything.  They seem to think we are starving, don't properly clothe our children (because if your clothes don't have Hollister or Aeropostle on them then your not dressed around here) and are dirt poor.  They've sent home, with the kids on the bus; extra cartons of milk, sacks of food, clothes a hooker wouldn't wear for my then 11 year old daughter, shoes (because oh my goodness my son's had a scuff on them).  I've emailed, called and talked to the school to tell them that we don't need or want these things (I also worry about the detrimental affect it has on my children's esteem).
Anyway, back to the main topic. I probably didn't help anything because after he said that we sat and watched a youtube video on Jamie Oliver showing a group of people how the government allows ammonia treated dog food be processed and served to people. My daughter even mentioned that she asked the lunch lady if the chicken they were serving came from free-ranged chickens. My daughter said the lunch lady told her that she had no idea.
If my kiddies are just a small sampling of what this generation will potentially be then I think we'll do fine. As long as we don't screw it up.
Today's lunch menu is suppose to be : Cheeseburger or Chicken Fajita, French Fries, Pinto Beans, Fruit Juice, Sherbet, Low-fat white or chocolate milk.  I asked my daughter if the school allows for substitution on lunch trays. Like if the student doesn't want the meat  and asks for more veggies instead.  She said no and they would charge extra for it anyway.  Hmm.

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