Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Semester So Far..

  So here we are on the second week of Spring 2012 semester (first full week).  I'm finding that I'm going to have to really motivate myself to stay on top of Organic Chem as it is already trying swamp me.  The professor lectures so fast and doesn't like to repeat what he has said. Today I only wrote 5 1/2 pages of notes starting with ethane ( which has 2 tetrahedral carbon atoms connected together by a sigma bond) going through forming ethyl groups to over to line angle drawing, then a brief stent in nomenclature of hydrocarbons (of which I only caught a small portion of what he said), back to removing Hydrogen atoms and replacing them with other atoms. He went over Systematic name rules in 2 seconds then on to methyl groups.  I wrote half a page on what he kept saying about boiling points. He mentions boiling points a lot, so I'm hoping it's on the exam because I got that. A brief mention of Heat of Combustion and Potential Energies.  Also, he mentioned that by now we should be able to recognize the longest carbon chain and all substituents. Huh? I don't recall hearing the word substituent before today. Yes in Gen Chem at some point we spent 5 minutes going over carbon chains for a lab session. Gen Chem was mostly gasses, energies, heat, and all that jazz.  I can count carbon though so hopefully that goes well. We also spent a good amount of time attaching Bromine in a couple different spots on butane molecule to make 2-bromobutane and a couple other butyl molecules. A little bit about some isomers and cycloalkanes and cyclohexane and we were through for today.  I went to Walmart this afternoon and bought a recorder.  Definitely a need as many of my notes are incomplete because I just couldn't write fast enough.
  A&P 2 is easy enough so far. We're just moving into the circulatory system and all things blood.  This class isn't as fast paced and so I don't see any problems keeping up in here as long as I remember to take time to study.
    Microbiology is pretty much like A&P as in it's not as fast-paced. We did have a pop quiz on Monday and so I was very glad I reviewed the chapter and power point Sunday night.  All of his questions came straight from the powerpoint and so I'm probably over learning stuff. Oh well, I'm sure it will apply some where to another class on down the road. Usually does.
   Micro. lab was simple this week, too. I'm hoping my lab partner remembers to go by and check our bacteria growth this week like she said she would. Next week is my turn.  I really have a hard time relying on people so I'm itching to go and check it as well. Plus watching cultures grow is really cool.
  My Community Nutrition class is going to be very informative I think.  It's a hybrid course and mostly self-led.  We don't meet every week (which is great because I dislike being on campus that late). Our first two assignments are to make and cost out a menu plan using the usda website and to read a consumer book on nutrition (preferably community nutrition).  I've got a couple ideas I'm thinking of just have to narrow it down.
  So just going to have to make sure I stay on top of things. So far I'm doing okay, but a ton of room for improvement.

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