Friday, January 06, 2012

So Ready...

...for classes to start again.  I need my routine back, I need a reason to leave this house again, I need to get back to studying.
I think the break between fall and spring semesters is way too long.  For me anyway.  I could easily of went back on January 2nd and been happy.  I look forward to the end of a semester due to needing a stress break from system overload. However, I also look forward to the beginning of one.  Especially after being out for almost a month (well  like 3 1/2 weeks, close enough).
The next 3 semesters are very important, my gpa is borderline and I need more A's to bring it up to a more competitive score.  So I've got to bring my game face and get organized over the weekend.  Come next Thursday it's on.
I'm debating right now if I still want to pursue medical school. I'd love to be a doctor, to do what I've wrote in an earlier post.  I just don't know if I'll be able.  We are struggling financially right now and I'm looking at 2 more years of school (well one more year of undergrad plus 9 to 24 months of internship) before I can begin a career.  I'm not sure Hubby could handle another 8 years of us having one income.  So that's a dream that may end up permanently on the shelf.  I'm not to upset by this thought though.  I'm heading toward an academically challenging career as a Registered Dietitian.  Getting accepted into an internship program is tough (I read a while back that only about half the applicants get accepted every year).  I'm looking at the possibility of being away from my family during the week from months to up to two years (dependent on which internship I'm accepted into).  There are 2 in Memphis and one that's a couple hours away, after that I'm looking at 4-7 hour drives.  I'm hoping I don't have to go any further then that.  I plan on going on to get my Master's and PhD as well.  Though it may be a year or two after internship before I start on that.  Well, some internships include a Master's program so that would be a two birds with one stone situation.  Then I could work a couple years then find a PhD program.
This year is going to be tough, between trying to ace classes and then I also have to study for the GRE and get mentally ready for internship acceptance or rejection.  Rejections are tough and I don't do so well with them, but I have to be ready for it.
Anyway, I titled this post So Ready... because I'm ready for semester to start.  I get lazy if I'm home too long and need a routine that includes leaving the house on a daily basis.  I've got some good plans and I don't think I've been so mentally ready for a semester to start before.  Everyone tells me I'm smart...I tell them I'm not, I'm just persistent.   I think this may be the semester to prove them right though.

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