Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Eat-Clean Diet

Yea I'm a sucker for flashy book covers and diet books that promise success and stories of 200lb or + women who have lost all the weight and kept it off for years. Everyone swears that theirs is the only way to lose weight, the best way to do it and so on. But this book/diet I think I could actually the past year I've tried a couple different diets, the Blood Type diet (which I really liked but unless everyone in your household is the same blood type it's really hard to do and I'm the only O in my house, but I felt good, lost weight and slept better on this diet) and the really old Beverly Hills diet (some may remember it as the pineapple diet, I only tried this one for a week if that, too many no's). This author of this book doesn't tell you not too eat anything really, well except junk (potato chips, donuts, soda pop stuff you know is bad for you but eat anyway). She encourages fresh veggies and fruits, ground turkey instead of beef, hot cereal instead of box cereal and flax seed, bee pollen and wheat germ. I really think I could get my whole bunch on this eating plan. There are no big calorie restrictions (I believe I read 1880-2200 or something like that and that seems like a lot to me since most diet plans are 1200-1500 cal's a day). Your suppose to eat 6 times a day or every 3 hours but not after 6 pm(she includes a bedtime snack in the two-week meal plan but says only if your actually hungry, I think after eating every 3 hours you should not be hungry).
I like the way the books wrote, lots of charts and lists, not too technical. It’s written so if you've only had high school science you’re good. Compared to the Blood Type diet where a college level knowledge of chemistry is helpful, lol.
I think I'll start this on Friday. My only thought is what about the weekends...I work 7p-7a on Saturday and Sundays. I think I should turn the eating plans around on these days and do it overnight when I'm up compared to during the day when I sleep(well I only sleep for maybe 4hours). I'm noticing on these days I'm not losing the water weight I usually do when I sleep ( I'll weigh anywhere from 3-8lbs less in the morning then what I do at night, lately I'm weighing about the same, I don't like that obviously). I think though if I nibble on baby carrots or turkey slices or something healthier then I have maybe I can combat that. I don't drink soda at work; I've mostly been drinking coffee, water and hot chocolate or green tea. I don't know I'll get it figured out; I just need to get started. I'm tempted to buy diet pills but I don't really want to. Last time I did, I didn't like the way they made me feel so it's scared me off of them for a while.
Well, if anyone wants to check this book out its The Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno her websites are, and . In a few months I'll have a garden full of veggies so this will be pretty easy for me to follow, plus the farmers around here will begin selling their produce on the roadside. Lots of yummy Ripley tomatoes, can't wait.


Queenie said...

Have ya looked into Skinny Bitch? That is my diet of choice. I read the book than adapted it to fit my life. It's been excellent for me. Also, I write for another site . We are a health/weigh loss/whinefest site slap full of women and men who are trying to get healthy. Come check it out. It's FULL of info about different diet plans and nutrition and exercise tips. /shameless plug hehe.

Jackie said...

I've thought about Skinny Bitch but I'm not so sure about going vegetarian or vegan. I'd miss meat a little and it would be near impossible to get my husband and sons(who, for some reason, think eating meat is kin to being manly. I have no idea where they get that concept. My boys have a caveman "me man, me eat meat, me pound on chest" mentality when they are all together, like at dinner.) to eat more then the occasional meatless meal. I've read the blogs on the other site, they're great.