Monday, February 18, 2008

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary....

Well I'm not Mary, I may be quite contrary...I can't wait to see my garden grow. I've got a case of spring fever, bad. I'm so tired of dreary gray skies, gray landscapes and brown grass. I want to see some green and lots of color. The daffodils should be blooming pretty much any day now, I'm hoping we have a few in our yard. I've already wintersown a few pumpkin seeds, french radish (okay that's not the exact name it's just what I wrote down in my gardening notebook) seeds, broccoli, beefsteak tomatos, asparagus, Juanne Flamme tomatos, marville lettuce (again not quite the right name), and morning glory seeds. Of these my lettuce, my broccoli and the radishes have sprouted.
I'm waiting for my Valentine's day present my hubby said he was going to get me...a tiller, lol. Yep no need to buy me flowers just get me the tools to grow them myself. I've already have my veggie garden planned out in my's going to be about 20'x20' or so( big enough but not so big that I feel overwhelmed by it). It's going to have about two rows of corn, about 4 zucchini plants, a couple cucumbers, lots of tomatos, a row of lettuce, a row of broccoli, a few green bean plants, peppers of all sorts of varieties and a row of carrots. Then some where I'm going to have a melon patch for cantaloupe and watermelon and a small herb garden for my chamomile, peppermint, valerian, basil, garlic, sunflowers, dill and whatever else I decide to put in it.
I've not quite figured out how I'm going to put my flower beds. I want to put like semi-dry creek where the run off ditch is. It has water in it so it's not going to be a dry bed. I'll either need to make a trip to Mo and find some big rocks or bite the bullet and buy some. We don't have rocks least none that, were not brought in, that are bigger then a pebble. Makes gardening interesting...and a lot different from where I grew up.
Where I grew up you couldn't hardly dig more then a few inches in the ground with all the rocks. You won't hit many rocks here, but if you try to dig in the middle of summer when we are in our dry season have fun...this clay dirt gets so hard and compacted it's nearly impossible. Everywhere has it's difficulties though, one of my sisters lives on the east coast...about all she has is sand. With 2 kids, 3 dogs and a husband I'm sure she wants to tie vaccuum cleaners to their bottoms once they step inside the house.
Well I think this enough for a day, I need to check on my seedlings. Oh and plant these strawberry and tomato started kit things we saw and bought at Wal-mart yesterday. With any luck and Mother Nature willing I'll begin to have fresh veggies in May. Maybe sooner.

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