Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Will You Be My Friend?

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a perpetual first day of school? You know the feeling, when you walk into a classroom and know no one in there and can feel everyone staring at you, judging you and you just don't know what to do, say. Yeah that's about how I'm feeling right now. I want to start a walking/jogging program kinda thing, but I don't want to do it by myself. Both for safety reasons and 'cause it's more fun if you have someone to work-out with. I could bring one of the puppies, but they're dachshunds and looking like they are going to be the miniature variety. So yea a short walk is fine but most likely I would end up carrying them and getting licked to death half the time. Another thing is ...have you ever seen a dachshund walk? They're short little legs they don't really move that fast, fast enough for them but if I wanted to jog/run they would have trouble keeping up for long. One more thing, they're small and don't bark much, if someone was to threaten me they would provide little or no protection. They would most likely run and hide, lol. Well, no Casper would great the person. Cheyenne is more shy but not for long.
Another dilemma I have is; I'm shy. Less so then I was a few years ago, but still enough I do not like to go up and introduce myself to people. Well, no, I like to meet people, it’s the walking up to them and saying hi and doing the small talk thing. It's easier with people I work with or have a class with because you'll see them again or at least have one thing in common. Take my neighbors for an instance; I met one of the ones on the right, the husband. He came over and introduced himself one day when the kids and I were outside. His wife I assume is home all day or most of the day. I assume this because I see their 6 year old daughter playing outside once and a while. They also have a teenage son and a teenage daughter with disabilities. He seemed nice enough but I've still yet to introduce myself to his wife. I'm hoping when the weather gets warmer and stays warmer they'll be outside more and I'll meet her then. The other neighbors I have yet to meet, but the one neighbor said they won't come out and introduce themselves unless they need something.
Two of my kids don't have this problem, my dd and my middle son. Dd has already gotten phone numbers of two other girls who live on the same street as us. My middle son has introduced himself to the teenage son of the neighbor on the left. My oldest and youngest aren't exactly shy but cautious. My youngest will tell someone his name and age and then until he meets the person again that'll be about all he says. My oldest will talk to someone new if he's been around him/her for a few minutes. The only time Hubby seems shy is when we are at a school function, lol. Maybe it has something to do with teachers and PTA moms I don't know.
Anyway one of my goals this spring is to meet new people that I don't work with. Not saying the ladies I work with aren't great, it's I'm trying to get out of my comfort zones. This means forcing myself to meet people. Acquainting myself with coworkers is an easy way out.

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Queenie said...

Jackie - Find a park to walk/jog or run in. It would be a safe setting for you to work out alone in and with any luck, you can trip over someone that might look interesting. THAT would eliminate the small talk anyway. :)