Thursday, December 11, 2008

Guild Wars

Anyone play this....I'm in the middle of downloading a trial version.  The graphics seem pretty I'm hoping it's not too hard to play.  I'm thinking I may not like it 'cause even though I do like a lot of rpg type games I don't like playing games like WOW where I have to deal with people...especially rude/mean people.  Because, mean people scare me.  I want a game that's fun and I can do it pretty much all by myself unless I choose to get into a group with someone.  Everyone I know and their uncle plays WOW.  I don't think I know anyone who plays Guild Wars.  I think that's why I'm leaning towards it.  Anyway, I'm waiting for it to finish downloading.  I downloaded it (or part of it I guess) made my character and now it's downloading more. I'm glad I'm on broadband or I would of gave it up about 5 minutes ago.