Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sometimes I Wonder...

...why I even bother to decorate my house.  On Thanksgiving I had cleaned off my table, put down a pretty runner, had a pretty bowl full of pecans and the pretty goblets my friend had bought me.  It looked so nice.  Then I leave the room only to come back and find someone had spilled root beer all over everything and left it there.  It's not the spilling of the soda that upset me, accidents happen, but to spill it and leave the mess there staining my new table runner.  
Now yesterday, I dug out the tree and christmas decorations.  Went to the stores to get some more pretties for the tree.  Put the tree and lights up, turning my fingers beet red putting up outside lights in 30 degree temperatures (it may of been forty but it seemed to get colder and colder each time I stepped outside).  Had everything looking so festive and pretty by the time the kiddies got home from school.  I was so proud of myself and in a great mood.  Kiddies come home and start messing around the tree.  I tell them just to leave it alone and just look at it.  They are not home more then 45 minutes when I hear a crash as I look in dread to the living room.   The tree is now laying on it's side and everyone is saying "I didn't do it".  I try to stand it back up only to have it fall to the other side.  Tears coming to my eyes with every sound of breaking glass balls.  I got pissed to say the least.  I couldn't even stand to look at my children, if they would of just stood back and admired the tree it would of been fine.  No, they had to touch it, put paper and other odd items on it, arrange the ornaments so the tree was no longer balanced.   I didn't go back into the living room until Hubby got home, I just couldn't face the destruction.  
Now my tree is back up, not quite as pretty as it was.  The garland is still in disarray, the ornaments aren't as space out as they were, the tree is a little squashed looking(being that it's fake and it's fell twice in one day).  I'm going to try and smile and get over it, but it sucks that it seems every time, every single time I try to make my house look nice...someone comes around and end of story.


Hattie said...

i bet you tree looks great considering the destruction it went through ;)

Wa Ya - Mistic Wolfs Creations said...

I try to think of it as the kids way of decorating their way? lol..Leona read me your post and I was like..WOW Im not the only one! lol. Mine do it to me all the time. Hang in there sis..a few more years then college and they are gone and then Party!