Friday, December 19, 2008

What's Happening?

Not a lot here actually.  Well there's always something going on, but not too much to blog about I guess.  Last weekend we went to hubby's christmas party.  His boss had it at one of the casino's.  Free booze, free food, loud music and a bunch of goofy ironworkers.  My hubby won my xmas present.  I know what it is but I won't put it on here so it's a surprise for ya'll.   I haven't taken it and played with it or looked closely at it even so I can have something to unwrap xmas morning.  I usually know what my gift is every year anyway.  Hubby isn't too good at shopping for me, he'd rather just give me some money and have me get it myself.  
Anyway just not too much to blog about just yet.  I start classes in just under a month, kids get out for xmas break in about an hour.  They go back Jan. 5th, so two weeks with the kiddies home, yeah.  

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