Monday, December 22, 2008

Stupid, Greedy, People

Last week I posted my boxer Lucy on Craigslist.  After weeding through all the emails I chose someone who I thought would give her a good home.  When I drove over an hour to meet her and give her Lucy she was talking about how they had everything set up and her daughter had picked out clothes for Lucy and how excited they were that Lucy was coming to live with them.  Well today on I saw and ad for a 1 year old white boxer, I click on it and there's Lucy's face staring back at me chained up outside.  She has unique marking so I know it was her and for 100.00 adoption fee!!! Ugh I just hate greedy people and I hate that I fell for someone else's scam.  I bet she just scours craigslist looking for free puppies, kitties and dogs and then sells them on another ad sight after she gets them and win's over their previous owners.  I doubt she will answer the email I sent her and I hope karma bites her in the ass for her treatment of people and their pets.  I didn't give Lucy away lightly and I miss her greatly.  So goddess watch over Lucy and see that she goes to people who will love her and treat her as the diva she is.

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Hattie said...

you didnt tell me that !! that is so crazy!