Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Okay so for a refresher here's last years resolutions(or this  years since it's not 2009 yet).
1. Stick with this years resolutions.
2. Lose weight, the number on the scale is getting too scary for me.
3. Get organized, I'm tired of never being able to find anything.
4. Start having mother/daughter girls really need to stick together as we are outnumbered in this house and I'm hoping a little more individual time will help her moods more (I think some of her mood swings/tantrums are just for attention and not because she's truly mad or frustrated at anyone).
5. Find a babysitter for at least one evening a month so I can date my husband. Or at least another couple in the same boat who would like to trade babysitting duties so we each can go out once a month with out having to pay outrageous fees for a babysitter.
Well...number one was blown out of the water rather quickly.  Number two I did, somewhat.  I lost some weight, maybe not as much as I would of liked but I did manage to lose and keep off about 12lbs.  Number four, I still need to work on that one.  It's getting hard to do it 'cause dd is always at her friends houses anymore.  Number five...well we went out once this past christmas parties count as dates right. Oh I forgot about three, well obviously it seems, organization is still not my strong point.
For 2009 I'm keeping it real short and sweet. My goals this year are:
1.  Continue to try to get in shape
Losing weight is not going to be my goal, fitness and a healthier body is.  Losing weight should be a nice by product of getting in shape and being healthier but it will not be my priority.
2.  Keep my kitchen clean and as clutter free as possible.
  Not my whole house, just one room.  I'm hoping if I can do one room and keep it looking great my family will catch on with the rest of the house.  If not, well at least I'll have a clean kitchen where I can find stuff I need to fix healthy, great-tasting meals.

See I'm trying to keep my goals small and simple enough that with the kids, the dogs, work and school I should still be able to obtain them.  I'll many other goals throughout the year.  I just can't let the New Year begin with out a clear start to where I would like to finish and my other goals would take to much time and thought right now.

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