Monday, January 05, 2009

Getting Started

Five days into 2009 and I'm finally getting started on my goals.  So far today I've worked out for 30 minutes using The Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD.  It has 3 levels that you do for 6 weeks.  To tell you the truth I almost didn't make it through the 30 minutes.  I started to think wow I'm not going to make it and then it the display button on the remote and saw that I was 22 minutes into it and started telling my self only 8 minutes to go, only 5 minutes, only 2 minutes...I DID IT.  I sweated my legs were all shaky 'cause this workout is lunge and squat heavy.  I feel great now though and like I've accomplished something.  I feel strong.  I love how working out and sweating makes you feel that way.
I started another account.  I closed out my old one and started fresh.  I posted some before pictures on there and oh do I hate those pics.  I see way more rolls of fat then I wish to.  Next time someone asks me why I'm trying to lose weight and get in shape and where do I have 30-40lbs to lose.  I will direct them to my sparkpeople page and say, "See there it is, there's those 30-40lbs, there's where I need to tone up right there."  I look much better in my scrubs then I do in a sports bra and yoga/sweat pants.  I'll add the link to it on my before pics are there they don't need to be here, lol.  

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