Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to School This Week

Thursday classes start again, and I'm determined not to stop going until I earn a little white cap to place on my head.  Well I have one class I can go to on Thursday my other classes are not till Friday.  I'm all excited and nervous and well I don't know.   It'll be fun and I've got to make great grades. 
Today, or well late this afternoon almost evening,  I have parent-teacher meetings to go to.  All four of them all in like a two hour time span.  I think my middle sons will go well as I've not had any notes from his teacher really.  My youngest son takes some time 'cause he has more then one teacher, I have to speak with his resource teacher as well.  My daughter's teacher will probably want to discuss dd's recent lack of ambition streak and forging hubby and I's initials on her reading log.  Silly girl.  My oldest son's teachers will probably want to go over his reading and math 'cause apparently he scored below grade level on the TCAP.  I'm not worried about tcap 'cause standardized testing sucks and is a poor tool to use to evaluate a students progress/knowledge of subjects.  I do know he struggles with math and I'm not sure why his reading scores are down because he reads all the time.  I'm leaning towards possibly test anxiety. Because they have to read a book and take a test on the computer.  I don't know whatever happened to good old-fashioned book reports.  I really wish they would bring them back... if nothing else it gives kids a reason to have to improve their handwriting.  With everything going to computers we'll end up with a bunch a five year olds who cannot write their name on paper but can type 60wpm. 
Anyway guess I outta figure out something to throw into the crockpot as I won't feel like cooking dinner when I get home sometime after 6 tonight.

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Hattie said...

I wish you the best of luck!