Tuesday, January 13, 2009

  The parent-teacher meetings went well last night.  My youngest son is getting better at reading.  I get the feeling that his regular teacher doesn't care for the resource teacher much.  I think she thinks that he's not being pushed enough to show what he can do.  she says she knows he can do much more then what he is.  I know he can do much more, I also know that he will only do as much as he has to.  So if he's being told something is good enough then he'll stop there.  What he needs is to be told that he should do more.  
Middle son's teacher had nothing but good things to say about him.  I think she adores him but then again who doesn't.  Also had the meeting to go over the test results for his gifted testing and he didn't get into the program.  He came like 10 points under the needed score.  It was his processing score that brought it down.  Basically he takes  his time analyzing everything to make sure it's just right before he gives an answer.  The lady that had worked with him asked me if he likes everything to be just right at home or things done in a certain order.  I had to think about it a second but really he does.  It doesn't help that we have a schedule/routine that we don't differ from.   It's not wrote down or set in anyway it's just the way we do things that happen to be at nearly the exact minute everyday.  If it varies more then say 15 minutes everyone's day is thrown off I can tell...everyone is cranky and crabby and fighting and nothing seems to go right.  So I try my best to not change anything time wise.  His teacher said that he has his perimeter so to speak in class, lol.  Basically he has everything he needs to do work or play around him and gets upset when someone disturbs it.  Hmm kinda sounds like someone I know...especially when I was younger and had to share a room with my three sisters.
My dear, dear daughter.   Beautiful, smart, witty little girl that she is.  Her teachers displayed a combination of pride and frustration that everyone who gets to know her feels about her.  She's a very smart girl and while she made honor roll it was a bit of a disapointment.  Because, she should of made principal's list(which is all a's).  Her teachers say that she doesn't always focus on what should be going on in class.  Instead she's fiddling with her bracelet, reading a book when she should be doing math, looking in her desk, etc...  If she would only assert herself a little more just a tiny bit more, she would do wonderfully instead of good enough (yea there seems to be a pattern going on with my children).  Her teacher said for some of her students a "B" would be awesome but for my daughter it's not acceptable because she can do better.  So I have some smart, but lazy, kiddies.
My oldest son's meetings are tonight so more fun.
I got a kitty cat today.  A little kitten that I am going to name Sissy I think.  Sissy, Sister something like that anyhow.  I got her so our other kitty, Jane, can have a companion.  So...3 dogs, 2 cats, a goat and a hamster and a handful of fish.  I think we're pretty good in the animal department now.  Well, except, I'm thinking about getting a  couple chickens.   I haven't brought this idea up with Hubby yet.  I figure I'll tell him after I get a coop made and a area cleared off in back for them.  I don't want many just a couple hens so that we can have eggs.  I'm a mess I know.

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