Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a week it'll be

Maybe it won't be so bad, I'm just worried a bit that's all.  I was thinking while I was at work today that tomorrow is going to kinda suck.  Because tomorrow I will have homework.  Friday was the first day of class so we didn't really do much just introductions and such.  So Tomorrow is the first real day of class for my two morning classes.  It will be the first class for my Wednesday night class, but it's a 3 hour class so I'm sure there will be time for the teacher to assign work.  I still have to sign in to my Nutrition class for today and go over chapter one.  
It won't be bad I'm pretty sure.  I just cannot let these feelings of being overwhelmed get to me and just take one thing at a time.  It's doable, thousands of women/moms/men/dads work and go to college and pass with great grades.  I know I can do it and still have time for my kids and hubby and housework ('cause I'm superwoman, right..not).  
On a brighter note...wasn't today great?  We have a new president!!  One that for the first time in my adult life(yea I'm only thirty so that means I've had the chance to vote a total of like 3 times) I feel has the potential to take our country somewhere besides down the sewer drain.  I'm so glad Obama was elected...the thought of McCain being president was frightening to me.  Also it snowed today.  A beautiful fluffy snow.  No rain, ice, sleet just big beautiful snowflakes.  The best was gone by noon.  If only it could of snowed on christmas like this.  And it will be near 50 tomorrow so that's great too.
I also heard that Tim McGraw might, one day, run for governor of Tennessee.  Now that'd be interesting.  Hee, hee a ton of redneck, hillbilly, country ideas ran through my head just this moment.  Tim McGraw for governor, wouldn't the late night talk show hosts eat that one up.  

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