Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Maybe 4th time is the charm

Well the last house we were trying to buy fell through. We needed the bank that owned the house to change the contract a little so our lender would finance it and they wouldn't. So we had to back out of it. Yesterday we went to look at another's nowhere as nice as the other house we were going to get. It's a bit of a fixer upper, but should not be too hard to do. It's a mobile home with two additions built on to it, 3 bedroom/ 2 bathrooms about 1600 sq ft on a lot that's almost an acre. It has two out buildings, a garage and another building that the previous tenants had used a ceramic shopped but may need to be torn down. Definitely nowhere as nice, but not awful either.
The place has a nice big front porch, the lot is set up nice and has lots of flowers. Hubby has already met the neighbor who lives across the street. A nice old man who is a retired pipefitter (leave it to my ironworking hubby to find someone who worked with metal). As we were leaving the neighbor was saying he hoped we got it because he would like us as neighbors, he even offered us his place if we didn't buy that one, lol. The neighbors next door have a bunch of red-headed boys just as wild as our kiddies and about the same ages it looked like so that may be nice. The property is in a good location a good price and in a great school district. So I'm crossing my fingers. I don't know how to take another let down, I swear. The first place we wanted we couldn't get financed because it was a trailer, the second place we wanted someone else got the day before we were going to make an offer and this last one was the third place we wanted. So now we are at number 4. Well Native Americans consider the number 4 as being a good number and we have 4 kids and I don't know now I'm just rambling, sorry.
As for my prior post on paperbackswap, well I've decided to give them the 'ol heave ho. They restored all of our accounts and said sorry but I've decided to go on to another site and closed my account with them. I'm using now and so far I like it. I've already got like 4 books requested from me and 2 books on their way to me.

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