Thursday, October 25, 2007

Well it goes like this...

...a priest, a monk, and a rabbi walk into a bar...oh, you've heard that one already. Lol, sorry. It's early and I'm not quite through my first cup of coffee yet. I just wanted to put something on here since it's been just over a week since my last post and I'm really, really trying to keep this blog active. I've not had a lot going on this past week really. Well, we've had something going on but I don't want to blog about it yet in fear of jinxing us and it not working out, again. So other then that one thing the only thing happening here is the usual stuff, teaching kids, housework and that's about it. Or at least I'm attempting housework, I'm a really bad housekeeper. It's not that I'm lazy or anything, and I really dislike messes. I think it's more of a feeling of being overwhelmed. When I do start cleaning I want to get it all done in one day and I want my house to look like a magazine (okay so the house we're in will never look like that, it's not that nice of a place but you get my drift). Well I'll do real good for an hour or so then look back and see that the kids, being kids, have gone through and decided the nice clean area that I just made was just perfect for them to drag all their matchbox cars into. Or in the case of my daughter her whatever she drags out (she's an odd duck she is, I'll have to do a post on her one of these days, lol). Well after looking back and seeing what they have all done I look a head and see how much more I have to do and yeah, makes me want to just sit down and give up for a bit till I get feeling like cleaning again. This just gets worse closer to moving we get, because then I have more and more to do.
My hubby helps when he can, most of the time when he's home he just wants to relax. Totally understandable, who wants to work 8 or more hours hard labor like he does and come home to work on the house. He does do his share of cleaning on the weekends though. The kids don't help much. They have chores they are suppose to do. Sometimes they do them, most likely bass-ackwards or partly but they are done, somewhat.
Well this has turned into a long and rambling post, I'm sorry. I know it most likely does not make any sense at all. Have a great day and blessed be.

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