Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We're Having a Party, Ya'll.

Well it's an online party, but I'm hoping it turns out well. I'm doing an online party for Pink Ladybug Spa Essentials over at my lil 'ol website just click where it says chatroom on the left side, sign in and come on in. It's byob by the way (beverages and food just do not travel well through my computer, especially the beverages part). I'll try and supply the entertainment. It's just a short party, I'm only planning for 30 minutes. I figure we'll play one scavenger-type game in which I will be awarding a prize to the winner and I'll also have a couple door prizes to give away. If I'm lucky one of you few sweet people who read my lil blog will show up and maybe even want to buy something.
Well thats all for today, there's nothing exciting going on just yet in my lil corner of the word. I'll let you know when something does. Oh and the party is at 10 am (central time) on Friday October 12. Dress is as casual as ya wanna be (just don't let us know, lol).

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