Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Done for a year..

Christmas is over. We didn't have a real exciting one or anything. It wasn't bad, it was nice, the kids didn't fight with each other. Hubby and I tried our best not to get on to them for not doing their chores. My daughter actually opened all her presents without complaining or whining that she didn't get what she wanted. This was the best part for Hubby and I. Over the last few years we have gotten where we dread giving her any gifts for Christmas or her birthday. Every time she would throw a fit that it wasn't exactly what she wanted. A big screaming, I-hate-you, I-hate-this type of fit. This year though she graciously opened her gifts, thanked her brothers and seemed excited to get what she got. She didn't get everything she wanted but she was actually nice about it. Now that was probably the best Christmas gift she could of gave her daddy and me.

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LarryLilly said...

Its nice that she has grown a bit. Life isnt ever a bed of down, some people are alergic to it LOL.

Have fun moving, and while those forearm straps are good for climbing stairs and short distance moving, nothing beta gravity like a 4 wheel dolly!