Friday, December 07, 2007


I hope it's a good one for my readers out there. I'm going to have a busy one, well a busy weekend. My mom, sister and nephew will be here sometime late this afternoon. Hubby and I are going to a christmas party for the company he works for tonight and tomorrow will be spent running my mom and sister all over town shopping. Then I have to work Sunday. I'm suppose to work tomorrow but I'm going to call in sick. Bad girl, I know. I asked for the day off but little did I know if you wanted a day off one month you had to ask for it by the 10th of the month before. I know they make the schedule a month at a time, what I didn't know is that it seems they make it nearly a month a head of time. Who knows when they are going to need a day off a nearly two months early? I didn't know I was going to until right before Thanksgiving.
I like it better when companies make the schedules two weeks at a time. Gives you enough flexibility for last minute things that come up and you need a day off. Also gives enough time to tell your babysitter when you'll need her(so does a month I know, but I've also worked at places that did scheduling a week at a time and that makes it hard to plan things). Oh well I'm only going to have to worry about it a few more weeks. Whether we get this house or not we're moving at the end of the month, most likely. The kids will go back to p.s. and we like for one of us, usually me, to be within a few minutes of the kids at all time. Especially when they are at school, because I never feel safe when my kids are at school. My daughter has a tendency to get hurt at school and when kids go to p.s. they get sick all the time. Basically you never know when the school is going to call for one reason or another and I don't want my kids to wait more then a few minutes for me to get there when they need me. If I continue to work where I'm at and we get this place all right their school and my job will be 45 minutes to an hour apart depending on traffic. That's just too far for me. There's a nursing home that is only about 5-10 minutes from the house and so only maybe 15-20 minutes from their school. That's not too bad, its about the average time it's taken me with every school they've been to, to get to them.
Well I need to get off of here and get things done and baby-proofed or toddler-proofed actually, the whole two years old and ten foot reach thing.

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LarryLilly said...

Dam, I am spoiled. I look at the weather forecast one night, call in the next day and tell my boss I will be taking annual leave, and that is that. Yeah, I remember way back when you had to schedule your annual 3 months in advance.

I hope things work out for you, house wise, sick time cough cough, and weekend shopping chauffeur.