Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Monday

Or at least I hope it is for you. I'm kinda waiting by the phone today. One of my nephews has been pretty sick for the past few weeks and my sister took him in to the e.r. last night because in spite of antibiotics and Tylenol and Motrin, his fever will not go away. Well they ran tests and took samples but could not tell what was causing him to be so sick. They gave him another antibiotic by i.v. along with a bag to rehydrate him and a steroid to help his fever. This was finally enough to break the fever and he ate and drank and they sent them home because there was nothing else to do right then. They were waiting on more test results to come in. This morning poor lil guys fever is back so my sister took him back to the hospital. So I'm waiting on a phone call update. My poor sister probably hasn't slept more then a few hours the past 24 hours or so, she works 3rd shift and had to work Saturday, and slept some on Sunday then had to take lil guy to the emergency room so has been up all night with that and before she can even attempt to get rest today is back at the emergency room. If this wasn't bad enough, her husband is out in the field(he's a marine) right now so if not for her mil she would be by herself. I wish I could help but being 1200 miles away there's not much I can except send positive energy and my best thoughts to her and my nephew. Sucks to have a family member in need and you cannot physically be there to help. Seems to be happening a lot in our family lately.

The other tests ran were inconclusive, so the doctor was thinking it may be a really bad inner ear infection. I guess his ears are so gunked up(yea that's a technical term for it, lol ;) that he couldn't seen the eardrum. So they are waiting for the blood work to show them something.
This is all kinda scary 'cause it's almost a deja vue for us. My brother and his wife went through something similar with their youngest son. They kept taking him in to the doctor/hospital and they kept sending them home saying it's just the flu or it's just an ear infection here take this antibiotic. Well it got bad enough she took him in and the nurse noticed he was pulling his hair behind his ear, he got transported to another hospital for emergency brain surgery. They didn't think he was going to make it, and he barely did. He had to have i.v. antibiotics for a long time it was a scary time for my sil and brother. He's a fighter, though, even to this day. My youngest son and him have so many similarities you would think they were brothers instead of cousins.

Well nothing else new to blog about I guess. We are in a waiting period, again, on this house. Buying a house should be easier, I dislike all this hurry up get stuff together then sit on it for a few days waiting on who knows what or who.

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LarryLilly said...

Hospital time is the slowest time there is.

Here is to hoping they find the cause.