Monday, December 17, 2007


Can't really think of a title so ignore that lack of creativity, my excuse is that it's Monday. We had a very uneventful weekend. We got some boxes to start packing with. With the rain we've had the past few days and it was raining Saturday, I decided to go out and buy boxes. I don't think I'll do that anymore. 25.00 dollars for 10 boxes is crazy, especially since all we'll do with them is give them away. We need the boxes but it makes me feel like a sucker to buy them.

My lovely, smart daughter last night decided to try to wash dishes with one of my candle samples. Hubby said that she told him that she thought it was soap. I have soap samples and candle samples. Either way you don't wash dishes with that type of soap. So now all the dishes need to be redone because they are covered in candle wax...I bet they smell good though. Hubby told me that our dd is smart but has no common sense whatsoever. I said that was everyone used to tell me. I was always told that I had plenty of book smarts, but when it came to street smarts or common sense I came up lacking. So my daughter comes by it honestly I suppose.

Still not sure what day is going to be closing, the insurance agent told Hubby on Saturday that our lender told her Tuesday. I guess we'll know when we get a call to meet at the title lawyer(I think that's what it's called) office to sign the papers. I hope it's tomorrow, I would love to be moving in over Christmas. I wouldn't mind one bit. It would also give us plenty of time to get this house looking like it did when we moved in a lil over a year ago. Needs some painting (the cheap paint they used on the cabinets around the sinks came off when the kids let the sink overflow) and the carpet needs cleaning (four kids and a husband will do that). I think at the new place I'm going to get bench, set it right next to the door on one of those rubber mats they put under desk chairs and have everyone remove they're shoes before walking through the house. That house has brand new carpet throughout and it is a lighter color then what we have here. I'll even get some houseshoes in various sizes so that when company comes over they don't have to worry about their feet.

I have to laugh that last sentence stems from my thing I have about feet. Basically, I think they are gross. At work I wear gloves to clean the residents feet. I don't touch even my own childrents feet. Even when they were babies and babies shouldn't have dirty feet. If they have socks on I'm fine with it, but barefoot ewww. Hubby has learned not to ask to have his foot rubbed, lol.

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