Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Bobby!

A very happy birthday to my oldest son.  12, I can't believe it...what makes it worse it means in one more year I'll have a teenager in my household.  Nope I'm so not ready for all that entails.    I think the teenage years with this won't be too bad though.  This is my easiest going child.   He doesn't ask for much, tries the best he can (most times, he can be lazy he is a kid).  He likes to please people.  He's just all around a great kid.  He has a vivid imagination and wants to grow to be a game designer/creator or whatever they're called.  I have to make this short and sweet this morning as I got to get ready for work.  But here's a pic of my handsome boy (in that sweet freckle faced Opie Taylor sorta way).

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Hattie said...

Happy Birthday BOBBY!