Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Done!!

Well almost, I've still got to block but hey it's off the needles.  Here's some pics for your viewing pleasure.

Okay ignore the crappy hair and tired face, I have worked today, I'm tired and my hair spent like 9 hours pulled back into a ponytail.  So this is the best you are gonna get. It's also hard to smile when your trying to take a picture of yourself.
Ooh yes aren't scrubs sexy...okay so this isn't about the scrubs.  It's all about the scarf.  I've still got to block it, so it'll end up a little longer when I'm done.  I love how I almost look thin in this picture.  I see more scarves in my future, lol.  I also see a little man's tummy in the background.

1 comment:

Hattie said...

I really like it! And hey at least it matches your scrubs!