Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm Thirty !!!??

I thought I would be so much further in life by the time I reached the grand age of 30.  I had figured I would be completely done with college.  We would own a house and nice cars (well half of that is done I guess, we have a house we're buying).  Our debt's would be minimal (well, compared to some people I guess we aren't too bad, I'm sure there is someone worse off).  
It just seems like I've accomplished nothing.  I've started a lot of stuff, but never finished.  Yeah, yeah...I have four great kids and a wonderful husband.   That's not things I've done on my own.  Besides the kids are not grown yet, I still have 6-10 years or so to screw them up.  I would like to say I'm so glad I'm reaching the old age of 30 and I feel like I've done so well.  I can't though.  I feel like my twenties were wasted and I've done nothing but got fat.  So my goals for the next ten years are:
1.  not to repeat same mistakes of last ten years
2.  finish college, completely, all the way to master's degree
3.  learn to keep house (yea my house stays trashed most of the time and I need to quit expecting that one day magically my kiddies will pick up after themselves)

That's it, 3 things.  I figure if I can accomplish those three things(well I forgot to say lose weight and get in shape but I think I can lump that in with number 1) I well feel much better about 40 then 30...maybe not 40's a pretty scary number as well.  I'll deal with that when I get there.

Oh btw, my baby sis has made me a quilt for my birthday.  It's beautiful, I love handmade, homemade gifts.  The thought that someone took their time, their money and made me something just because is just wonderful.  Now I feel super guilty about not getting her anything...I'll have to make it up next year.  Check my quilt out at her site HERE

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