Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Feel Better...

...after meeting with the admissions counselor at Baptist College of Health Sciences.  The required gpa to get in was 2.5, mine was like 2.38, now don't that just suck.  I missed it by .2.   Good new is all I got to do is continue with my plan to go to Dyersburg State this spring and take College Algebra, Eng. Comp 2 (which I thought I already took and passed that one, but oh well) and Nutrition.  I have to pass Algebra with a B, and the other two with A's and that'll bring my gpa up to a 2.6 and then I take the HOBET and can start BCHS next fall.  I plan on taking a full load this spring so that'll add about one more class (if these three are worth 3 credits each that's 9 so I can take another 3-4 credit class and have a full load without, hopefully, stretching myself too thin).
That's the plan anyway.

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Hattie said...

Glad it all worked out well :)