Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Hubby

33 years ago today your parents gave birth to a boy who would grow to be the greatest husband, daddy, friend, man on Earth (my opinion yes but it's my blog so that's the only opinion that matters here).  You are the best no matter what you might think.  You're the one everyone goes to when they need an ear to bend.  You're the one everyone turns to when they are having troubles.  Kids, not just ours, love you.  When I'm hurt or sick or just tired your willing to help out.  I'm still working on getting you to do the dishes more then once every couple of months.  I figure though if after 12 1/2 years of marriage I haven't managed that then it's pretty much set in the way it is.  It's all right I love you anyway.  You encourage me to follow my dreams of finishing college, no matter the costs and how long it takes.  You support every hobby I take up.  You love me even though I'm not as skinny as I was when we met, I rank right up there with the world's worst housekeepers, I'm also with the world's worst procrastinators and all those forgetful people.  
You love me, you tease me, you wrestle, we bicker, we rarely argue, you compliment me only when I deserve it, you keep me grounded, you lift me up.  I can't go all day without at least hearing your voice.  
I'm so glad your parent's brought you into this world.  I really should be sending them thank you cards every year on your birthday.  Happy 33rd birthday hunny.
I couldn't find a better picture, so everyone enjoy this pic of my hubby, our daughter and fish, lol.

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Hattie said...

Ha, the fish give a true look at him.. Happy Birthday!