Monday, April 12, 2010

Have They Spoken?

Have the Fates answered my pleas for clarity? I'm hoping so. I got accepted to University of Memphis (Go Tigers!) for Chemistry/Biochem. I'm so anxious, excited, rearing to go, filled-with-dread and everything in between. Do I dare to dream? Do I hope for those two little letters to go behind my surname in 10 short years? Which two letters? Do I continue to fill pre-req's for a nursing program that is quickly losing interest to me and is seemingly not interested in me? Eventually I'll run out of pre-req's....actually that eventuality is near, I've only got around 3-4 more classes before I would HAVE to start taking nursing courses. Hmm that path is looking less appealing to me and the more I debate the more I'm leaning to the med school one. Then I have to decide on which doctor I want to be. I'm thinking about primary care/family doctor or pathology. Anyway, I'm just happy something is happening and I'm not hanging around in limbo any longer. I still have yet to hear from Baptist, I'm wondering if they've lost my address. Anyway, I'm about to the point of not caring.

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