Monday, April 05, 2010


Why; Karma, Fates, Goddess(es), God(s)? Whoever is looking through their looking glass at my life and putting all these detours, bumps and potholes on the road that is my life. Is it so that when I am finally able to do what is needed to reach my goals I appreciate it better? Was I that bad in a past life? Was my past life too easy? I'm sure there is a lesson for me to learn here...I know there is, but I just want an answer for once.
I called Keiser University last week asking about a transcript (that I had requested at least 4 times since the end of January). They told me it had been sent out the previous Friday. Cool, I'm thinking...I'll finally be able to start planning something (hinged on my getting accepted to University of Memphis, but I'm pretty optimistic about that). Today I get a call from my mom. I had received some mail from Keiser University at her address. Okay. I tell her to go ahead and open it, guess what it was. Yep, my freakin' transcript that was suppose to go to Memphis. Instead they sent it to an address I had not used in over 4 years. The mail lady knows my name and my mom lives down the road from where we used to live so she delivered it to her. Which is good, 'cause otherwise I don't know when I would of found out it didn't go where it was suppose to.
So, I make a call to the registrar's office and tell them they made a mistake and so they ask for the address for U of M. Really? You mean you don't have it lying around somewhere? Maybe on one of the 4 pieces of paper I have either mailed or faxed to you requesting that you send my transcript to Memphis, TN? No I didn't say all that. I thought it while I was talking to the lady on the other end of the phone. I'm too polite to say what I really think to them. What sucks is I'm going to have to do this ALL OVER AGAIN in three-four years when I apply to either graduate school(for NP) or med school(all depends on where I'm accepted in the next couple of weeks). I told my sister I ought to just go ahead and start the transcript request process...that way maybe it'll be there in time.
Hubby is working in Middle Tennessee area and is talking about dragging up and moving there. Bad thing is I think he's half serious. He misses hills and trees and houses/land seems cheaper there. I told him to give me four years. Of course he would want to move when I'm ready to start on my four year degree. I think he gets a two-year itch. It seems wherever we live, after about two years he starts wanting to move. I chalk it up to him being an army brat and they probably rarely lived in a house for more then two years. We will probably end up moving somewhere else, but I'm hoping he lets me finish at least the first half of what I'm wanting to do. There's a good med school in Nashville, I'd be happy as long as he's by my side...but let me feel like I'm going somewhere. I feel like such a loser at the moment, let me finish something (this applies to Karma, the Fates, Goddess(es) and God(s) as well. Please, Please let me finish SOMETHING).

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Wow hun hope things get better. Big Hugs!