Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've got some much to do, to get together, before tomorrow morning. I need to study some math facts in case I do have to take the COMPASS exam in the morning (I'm hoping not, but I'm afraid they'll make me). I need to study(and print out) maps of the campus, because it's huge and I'll get lost. I need to make sure I have all my fin aid forms that are needed to be turned in so I can go to class this summer and in the fall. I need to make sure to write down the classes I'm hoping to take this summer and next fall for when I speak to my advisor tomorrow. I'm looking to spend a good 3 hours at least on campus tomorrow getting all this done. I want to get it done all in one shot though as I don't have gas or time to make several trips back and forth this week. I ought to see if I can find someone else from this area to carpool with. It's only a 30-35 min trip but it's a 30-35 min trip 5 days a week and that'll add up to some fuel usage.
Anyway, I've got so much to do and I sit here reading, playing with the kiddies (who are home on spring break this week) and cooking. One day I'll overcome this bad habit of procrastinating.

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