Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I got up fairly early this morning; made banana-coconut muffins, made coffee, got boys up to go down to friend neighbor's house so she could watch them for me. Daughter was already there having stayed the night. I started to drive down the street to head to campus. Get to stop sign and look around realizing I forgot my directions. So I make a u-turn and go back to house to get said directions and other paper that has all the room numbers of people I needed to see. All right on the road now. I go down Danny Thomas and make a left on Poplar. Directions I had wrote down said to make a right on Patterson to go to the campus. Well, I'm looking...and looking, and looking. I keep driving thinking that surely I've passed it. I see White Station, yup I've passed it. So I stop at a gas station and get out my handy dandy cell phone. I MapQuest the college and low and behold I should of turned on another street before turning on Patterson. Okay no problem I just get back on Poplar and head back and find my destination. I see it's metered parking...Okay well, I had thought there was a parking attendant (assumed by the way the website read). No problem, website said dollar an hour right. Nope, it was a dollar for 30 minutes. Crap. So I put in what quarters I had and run in to find out where I need to go and to get some change. I run back out and put enough in for a hour (can only do one hour at a time). I hurry up to take the COMPASS test, worrying that I'm going to find a ticket on my windshield by the time I get done. As I finish I glance over at the wall...there's a sign saying you can go to parking services and get a vistor's permit for a dollar FOR THE WHOLE DAY. So I find out where this parking services is...of course it's on the other side of campus. I run back out to my vehicle and see the parking security looking at cars. Crap. I hurry up and put 30 more min back on the meter (it had just ran out). Then I huff it over to the parking services office and pay my dollar and get my sign to hang in the window. I then walk briskly back around to the parking lot (envious of everyone on there's an idea) and see that I have 5 min left on the timer. I put my sign up and breathe a sigh of relief and think it would of been great to know someone who attended The U of M so they could of pointed out these little things. Oh on a side note, I saw people playing Frisbee on the campus lawn. My thought was "Wow, they really do that" I thought it was just made up in movies, lol. Okay got all that squared to hustle over and see if I can find and meet my advisor. I get to the chemistry building and wow my luck he's in his office. Of course my luck being what it is he has a class in 15 minutes. So we have a quick advising session and he says what I've picked out looks good for a start and if I ever want to go over in more detail what I need to do for the next few years let him know. He seems like a nice enough guy and is not pushy and telling me what he thinks i outta take. I like it when people realize I know my own mind. Then I ask a fellow student to clarify where the University Center building is and head over there to turn in financial aid papers. I've never seen so many people in one setting. There are students laughing, doing classwork, passing out pamphlets, rushing to where they need to be. I love it. I get everything turned in and head home to pick up the kiddies and register my classes. Only to find out I need to prove that I've had my MMR vaccination. No problem, I have my immunization record right........Crap. I do not know how I can hang on to a little piece of paper for 31 years only to lose it when I need it the most. So now I get to go over to the health department to get jabbed in the arm so that I can fully register for classes.
So my classes will be: For summer College Algebra and Elementary Spanish 1; For Fall General Chemistry 1, General Chem lab 1, literary Heritage, World Civilization 1, Elementary Calculus, and Fundamental Issues in Philosophy.
I have classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 am to 2:15pm and Tuesday, Thursday from 8:20 am to 12:45 pm. I have no idea when I'll be able to work. I'm hoping the new d.o.n. will let me do weekends. If not I may have to go part-time on second shift. I abhor that shift. She said she would work with me with school though so I'm hopeful. If not there are a couple of nursing homes in town that are hiring for weekenders and I can always try them.

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