Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Trying

I'm trying to redirect my sleeping habits. I want to be adjusted to the night schedule by the time classes start in June. So I'm working from 11p to 7a. Then go home take kiddies to school, back home take shower and attempt to stay up till 1:15, 1:30. This will be the approximate time I get home from class in June. Then sleep till about 3:30(kids come home...maybe a nod to them, curl up in the recliner while they snack on popcorn and watch cartoons/do homework till 4p when hubby comes home). Then get up spend time with family, fix dinner and all that good stuff. Then at 8pm when the kiddies go to bed, go lay down till about 9:30pm. Get up, shake off the sleep, spend the next hour getting ready for work. On weekends I plan on going home, shower and sleep till everyone else gets up and around. On my days off I go to bed and wake up at the usual times (bed around 9pm wake around 5:30am...unless a holiday or weekend then wake up around 7-8am). I think this will work as long as I'm creative with my homework times. Bringing homework to work, working on it while watching fam play video games, bringing it along when we go fishing...that kind of thing.
I'm trying to get my yard and garden(s) in order. I'm having the worst time using the yard equipment. I can't get the weedeater to run...when I do get it to run, it quits withing minutes. Hubby of course can get it to run perfectly on the first try. I couldn't get lawn mower to start. Hubby got it to start right up. I used the reel mower and the tiller instead. Reel mower has no engine, so I figured I couldn't break it. Hubby and FIL got tiller working and I had no problem tilling up another garden spot. No new flowers planted. I planted Better Boy tomatoes, corn, beans, carrots, lettuce mix, onions, broccoli and basil. We have some asparagus coming up, it looks rather scrawny. I think I'll have to do some reading on it to figure out what's normal. I have corn, beans, beets, kohlrabi, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers coming up. Kids have peas coming up. Oh and garlic and stevia.
I'm trying to be patient. I'm waiting on a laptop I won of ebay to show up. I'm nervous because I've not received an email from the seller saying it's been shipped. I bought it a week ago today. I'm hoping it's been shipped and the seller just hasn't gone back to ebay to mark it as so. I'm waiting on financial aid for classes this summer. I'm thinking, from what I've read on the schools website, that it'll be after May 1st when I hear something. So I'll give them till the third, which happens to also be the date I'm giving the laptop to show up or the seller to email me before contacting ebay about getting my money back.

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