Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 1

Day one of my sugar-less week has gone by. Yes I did give in a little and ate a snack cake.  I had no sugar in my coffee and no added sugar in anything else.  I bought some greek yogurt so I could eat one and one for trying to make some yogurt(it sounds incredibly easy and so much cheaper then store bought).  I also got some coconut oil because I read it helps with sugar cravings ( I really should of had a bite of it this morning instead of half a chocolate glazed donut).   It's a lot of trial and error and I'm looking up some recipes that use honey and stevia and dried fruit instead of sugar as sweeteners.
Anyway, here's to day two. Even though I slipped a little, I think I can still save the day.  I'm doing this to be healthier and set an example for my family.  I have to keep all that in mind when I want to give in to a craving.  Last night at the store my middle son made the comment to Hubby "Mom will eat any kind of candy."  Hubby had stopped at the candy bin Wal-mart has and looked but in respect to me trying to avoid sugar this week didn't pick up anything.  My son was trying to get him to buy some.  I guess I should sit him down today and explain to him what I'm trying to do and that Dad is trying to help me.  My kids understand that mom wants to be healthier, but I don't think they quite comprehend what it takes to be healthy.  I'll get there though and I'll take them along with me (probably kicking and screaming).

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