Saturday, January 15, 2011

So far my professors seem interesting. My accounting professor seemed asleep/drunk/hungover/stoned or some combination. I'm not sure I comprehend how he is going to run the class. I'm guessing it's a combination of online homework and lecture but he seemed vague on the lecture part. I'm half afraid he's just going to show powerpoints every class. The statistics course is going to be great. It's and independent course. You only go to the scheduled class time to ask questions or take a test. You can take one test every 2 days so it's feasible to be done in about 5 weeks. To make an A in the class you just have to make an 80% or higher on 10 tests. My History teacher is just back from 5 years active duty. He said he returned from Iraq in September. He has a sense of humor and will probably be fine once he gets into a routine. He said they changed the book since he was away so he has to redo notes and lectures but it's History so everything is pretty much still the same. My Chemistry professor says "okay" after every few words. His last name is Li and English definitely isn't his first language so that's probably why he has that habit.
No classes on Monday because of Martin Luther King day. I have my first lab session on Wednesday and then the following Monday is my Intro to Dietetics class.
I'm hoping my oldest son comes closer to passing the pt test in his C.A.P. meeting today. He is passing the online tests okay, he hasn't been practicing/exercising at home so I'm not sure he'll pass the requirements yet. Hubby and I have been telling him to do even just a few sit-ups and push-ups everyday so he can gain strength. I guess we just need to keep pushing him to try just a bit harder.

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