Saturday, January 08, 2011

Motivation...or the lack of

There is a big lack of motivation in my household. Starting with me. I've got so much I want(ed) to do before the semester started. So far the only I've accomplished the past 3 weeks is getting my druid from level 78 to level 83(almost a 84 woot). While this is a sort of accomplishment it's not really one to be super proud of. I wanted to have my desk organized (I cleaned most of last semesters leftover papers off of it), I wanted the laundry caught up, house nice and straight. Classes start Thursday so most of this is not going to be happening. I want to start running, but cringe at the thought of going outside to do it. It's not the thought of exercise, it's the cold and the idea of looking goofy while the neighbors peer at me through their windows. I'm having trouble getting the get-up-and-go needed to get stuff done.

The rest of the family seems to be having similar problems. Kids are avoiding chores (like going outside to play when they are told to do dishes). They are spending too much time in front of t.v. and video games(yea I'm not much of a role model in that concept did see the part where I've been leveling a toon). My oldest son is in the Civil Air Patrol...has been since October but has yet to rank, and has only passed one of the tests. He enjoys the meetings but getting him to do the work so he can do the more advance stuff is full of hair-pulling frustration. So hubby and I are trying to get him more motivated to do the little bit of work required to excel. It's not much a few sit-ups, push-ups some running to pass pt. A small amount of reading/studying to pass the quizzes and the quizzes are mostly common sense. Hubby has stuff he wants done around the house but he doesn't usually feel like it when he's home. The cold has a lot to do with that too, he works all day in it 5 days a week. He doesn't really want to work all weekend in it as well.

Spring is only a few weeks away(about 11 ugh) and so hopefully the rest of winter will fly by and warmer weather will be here and everyone will perk back up and start getting stuff done around here. Doesn't help we have the depressing thought of snow coming tomorrow night. I can't stand the stuff. It's cold, wet, makes the ground super mushy. About the only thing I can thing it's good for is filling the aquafiers so we have plenty of water for drinking, plants, etc. Which is really important so I guess I can deal with it for a day. I'm just really grateful for a neighbor with a tractor with a plow who is generous enough to plow our driveway and the street.

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