Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Okay we had snow, so does that mean winter is over now?

Pretty please? I'm tired of cold, gray skies. Everything is just so neutral. I'm ready for vibrant colors, heat, humidity. The kids have missed two days of school this week because of Sundays snow. So far they are going tomorrow. I had to miss my middle sons iep meeting because of school being cancelled yesterday. Now I worry about when they'll want to reschedule it, because after Thursday my schedule will make it difficult for me to attend and I want to be there.
Today was better with getting the kiddies to all do chores. I took and made a very short list of things that had to be done in 6 areas (bathroom, kitchen, den, living room, dining room, laundry). I wrote these on small pieces of paper of equal size folded and put them in a bag for everyone to draw from (me included, hubby got left out due to being at work today we decided he gets to draw on weekends). Then we all spend 20 minutes on our drawn areas, if we complete our tasks before time ran out then we had to go and help someone else with theirs. Whoever had laundry had to help between waiting for dryer/washer and folding/putting away clothes. The kids agreed to the rules and we went on and did what chore we had drawn. When 20 minutes were up the kids actually wanted more time so they could complete their lists. I told them that it didn't matter that they didn't get it done. All that mattered was that they worked for 20 straight minutes. Eventually the rooms will get done enough that the tasks will all be completed in less then 20 minutes. I was proud of them today.

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