Friday, December 16, 2011


    The semester is finally over and my entire household is breathing a sigh of relief.  Apparently I've been rather cranky this past week or so.  I think Hubby may of muttered something about pads and Midol for Christmas.  Yea it's been that bad.
    It's all better now, grades are starting to get posted and so far I'm pleased.  I'm extremely pleased that I passed Gen Chem 2 on the first try.  Not a great pass mind you, it was a C-.  I just barely squeaked by, but I did it and I'm going to roll with it for now.  I'm trying to get prepared for the upcoming classes mentally now.  I've got microbiology + lab, A&P 2, Organic Chemistry (they quit having O Chem 1 &2 at my college, it's now foundations of organic chemistry and bio-organic chemistry or something like that) + lab(If I can catch an open spot, it filled up quick so I keep checking for when/if someone drops), and Community Nutrition are on the line up.  I'm only taking 14 hours so that I get a small break and can pick up some work hours.  Yep I had to go back to work a bit, just prn for now.  Starting Monday morning I'm back at the nursing home.  Bills have to be paid and a more reliable vehicle got, so I've got to do what I got to do.  I know it's going to be difficult with these particular classes, not impossible just difficult.
   Well I guess I need to get off of here, I have some presents to wrap and hide before the kiddies get home.  Today was half day at school for them so they'll come home hyper and sugared up I'm sure.  Speaking of presents, does anyone else feel like they're having a gift of the magi Christmas?  I only had 15 dollars to buy Hubby's gift with and that is the first thing that came to mind, because I know that's about how much he has available as well.  The kiddies come first, but I cannot let a Christmas go by without something for Hubby to open.  No matter how much he insists that he doesn't need anything, I think secretly he's pleased.
  Like I said it's time to get off here wrap presents and I think I should make some cookies as a thank you to my family for loving me.  I know I'm hard to take at times and grateful I have people in my life willing to take me.

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