Sunday, December 04, 2011

Back in March I posted that I got 6 chicks. Well we lost 2 a couple months later due to chicken cannibalism. Then we lost 2 more due to some curious puppies. We got two more hens and a rooster. I don't know how but one morning I went out to check on them and the new hens were dead. My son didn't close their coop so I think something got in there too them.
Yesterday I lost another of my girls. Apparently she thought Elizabeth, our akita/german shepherd mix, had something yummy for her and decided to go check it out. I had noticed her missing yesterday afternoon and looked all around the house hoping that she had just decided to nest somewhere. We left for the Christmas parade, hoping that when it got dark she would go into the coop like they always do. Got back and I saw my rooster and the other hen in there but one was still missing. We look around some more and I get to thinking surely she did not go down by the dog.
Well I go down to Elizabeth and sure enough she sees us coming and picks up her new "toy" to show us what she's got. She's just standing there so proud with this big chicken in her mouth wagging her tail thinking we've come to play with her. We didn't get on to her much because 1) she didn't go to the chicken the chicken came to her. She's gotten loose before and though she does give the chickens a curious sniff she's more interested in attention then snacks. 2)She didn't eat the chicken, just played with it too hard. She's a well fed pup and will not eat more then what fills her up. So when the bird came over she assumed that it came over to play.
So rest in peace little bird and hopes for lots of yummy bugs, grain and grass for you in chicken heaven. Today we are going to see about 10 bantams and maybe a baby duck. Hopefully they'll make it all right. I know they're not good for much more then pets, but my hens are pets anyway. Really, they will follow you around like puppies when they are loose. Of course they're not wanting petted, just hoping you have some extra food in your pocket. Still I love stepping outside and having these little birds run up to me.

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