Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Getting my ducks in a row and such...

Trying to figure out what all I'm going to need to do once we get moved. I'm going to be putting the kids in the elementary school there. Fun thing is going to be since technically they are coming from a private school(we are with an umbrella school, I'm technically a teacher of the school and our home is a satellite campus according all to Tn state law, but it's homeschooling anyway you look at it) they'll have to be tested for grade placement. I think my oldest son may test lower then what he is because of his math problems. I pretty much know that my youngest son will test lower because most likely he'll refuse to answer the questions. He did this for pre-school and kindergarten, if he doesn't know the person he will not talk to them (or at least not where they can understand him). He will not do what they ask him, he'll sit there giving them a blank stare for the most part. If they test him after he's been around them a few weeks he'll test at where he's suppose to be at for the most part. He did this every other time, lol. He refused to do things I knew he knew how to do or he would act goofy and do it totally wrong. Bad thing is, is the teachers knew he was acting up but graded him on what he did. I hate that, I think kids/students ought to be graded on homework and classroom skills not given standardized test or silly jump on one foot type tests (what kid is going to take an adult seriously when they are telling them to "jump like this" " or can you stick this thread through this whole" my son looked at them like "this is stupid" and just sat there or did it the way he wanted to, which of course was wrong). There are a lot of members of my family who have test anxiety and do awful on end-of-the year tests. They got good grades up until then, and are very bright people. But the test knows all and that's all that counts or at least in this country it is.
Well, I'm not looking forward to it, my two that I'm worried about not passing the school's test are okay with having to go back to their previous grade (my youngest wants to go back to kindergarten, can't say I blame him, lol ;). My daughter I worry that she may have an attitude the day of her test and throw a fit and fail. I hope not and I know she doesn't do other people like she does me but that worry is there. My middle son, I think, will do just fine on it. It's a bit nerve-wracking but it'll be okay in the end, I know it will.

On a final note... My youngest son came into the living room carrying his backpack and his shoes:
y.s :"I'm ready to move now."
me: "You have your clothes, toys and everything."
y.s.: "I have a blanket and a pillow and my lions."

Yep, just the essentials, that's all ya need.

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