Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Family...

I got a comment someone wasn't quite sure if I was me 'cause I mentioned a sister with twins. Most people who know me and the family I grew up with don't realize I have a whole other family as well. It gets kinda confusing in a way. So here it goes...I have a total of 4 sisters, 2 brothers and a stepsister/sister-in-law (actually I have more step-siblings but I don't know who they are and we're all grown so I'm not too worried about it, if we ever meet then great but if we don't then that's okay too) and another sibling that's about 5 years older then my oldest brother that I didn't know about till a while ago. I grew up with my older brother and 3 of my sisters. I met my sister with the twins and brother once before I guess (she has pictures to prove it , I just don't remember it I was pretty young). I didn't find her/meet her again till I was in my early twenties. She was married with a little girl about the same age as my middle son. Well we've sorta tried to keep in touch since then. I think that's it as far as I know, there's (in order from oldest to youngest and by first initial only)...B.,T.,D.,L.,S. and H. (okay I guess the "T" should really be an "A" but we know her commonly by "T" so I'll leave it at that) and then there's V who's my step-sis/sil. It gets real confusing because B. and I have siblings and grandparents and aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews that T.,L and H do not have because they came after our mom's first marriage was over or during her second marriage. I'm positive we're not the only family in the world that's this way. It just makes for a wonderfully large confusing family tree. Well actually my sister and I were talking about it this morning, it's not much of a tree. I think it's more of a grapevine, it sorta has tendrils that go everywhere. At least it's not a poison oak vine; clingy , irritating and leaves you with a rash.

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lacey said...

:) thanks for clearing that up for me!! :) i was confused but all good now!! tell h l and t that i say hello and miss the days when all of us hung out together!!!!!!