Monday, January 07, 2008

What Have I Done Lately?

Absolutely nothing. It makes me mad at myself too. I should be doing a million things, like cleaning, packing, doing lessons, inspiring the kiddo's to use the great minds they have. Instead I've done nothing at all. I actually feel like doing something today so that's a plus. I think I'll be brave and take the kids to the library later (my kids aren't bad but they like to go four different ways at once and that drives me crazy in public places). There's a couple books I would like to check out and they have been bugging me to go. I think we'll go and cash in their book-it things at Pizza hut too. It's great that Pizza Hut opened that program up to homeschoolers. I remember doing it when I was in elementary school and I don't think my brother would of read a thing(other then baseball cards and magazines) if it wasn't for some reward for doing so.

I need to start working on my resolutions. Here it is the 7th day of 2008 and I've not really begun anything. I think I need to find a work-out/diet buddy, someone to call me up and tell me to get off my lazy ass and do something. Hubby says he would help, but he's too nice. He would never just out right tell me that I'm getting fat and need to fix it. Besides, he's a guy, once he decides to lose the few pounds he would like to lose it'll be gone. Okay it's not been that easy lately but then again he's not really tried, he's not overweight or anything just a little soft and it bugs him a bit. Me, I've not been this big since I had my daughter nearly ten years ago. I was doing so good until we moved down here. Now I rarely go outside (I don't quite feel safe), I'm mostly a sahm (I was busting my butt 40 or more hours a week as a cna in Mo. I had a part-time job here but these cna's don't work a 1/4 as hard as what I'm used to. ), I also have a big o' case of don't wanna's and don't feel like it's. Plus I've been saying "once we move I'll do that", "I'm going to wait till we get moved before..." and more. I've put my life on hold waiting to move and I need to quit that. Especially since moving day keeps getting pushed back and I have no idea when we will be able to move. It's raining today, it's suppose to be raining tomorrow so I don't see that roof getting put on that house this week. Maybe next week, I don't know.

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