Thursday, January 17, 2008


All right, now with the typing of that title I have the song from the Beatles in my head.

Yesterday afternoon was busy. On the way to the lawyer's office I got a phone call from a place I had faxed my resume to. So I may of got a job and a house in the same day. Today sometime I have to go to the shop and get the application they faxed there. All eleven pages of it, I swear when you work in the healthcare business they need,or want, to know your entire life history plus some. It's perfectly fine, I understand you only want to hire the best, most reliable people. It's just crazy how many papers you have to fill out. Then they do a background check, a driving record check, a drug test, they check the registries to make sure your not listed as having abused anybody. By the end of it all the company knows more about you then you do. It's okay though, I'm sure I'll love the job. I'm going to be taking care of special needs people this time. It'll only be about a 15 minute drive from the house, compared to the 45 minute drive it would of been to the place of my prior employment. I try my absolute best to work as close as possible to where the kids will be during the day. Beginning in the next week or so they'll be at the elementary school. Staying home is not going to be an option, not with the mortgage payment we have now. We could make it on Hubby's salary, but it would be so tight we would squeak when we walked. We just don't want to live that way, and then if something bad happens we would drown. I want to avoid that as well.
It'll be great, new home, new job, new school for the kids. When we start a new chapter in the book of our life we go all out. Everyone seems to be in a lighter mood today, except for Hubby who is still trying to choke down the amount of the mortgage payment and our less-then-great interest rate. He'll be okay once we get our budget all figured out and everything. We've never paid so much a month for a place to live. It'll take a big adjustment, but it'll work out. It kinda has to now.
Oh I also got an Eastern Redbud tree in the mail yesterday from the Arbor day foundation. My yard is going to be so pretty, in a few years.

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