Wednesday, January 02, 2008

One more week...

...hopefully. The seller called us last night and updated us on what was up with the house. It seems he needed someone to write down how old the roof on the house was and the two people he called and got to go out to either couldn't or wouldn't do it. So he's going to go ahead and replace the roof. He said it should take about a week, as long as we have good weather. So hopefully by the end of next week we can close and start moving in.
I hope everyone's New Year holiday went well. We didn't do anything New Year's eve and on New Year's day we went and visited with my sister, her husband and twin daughters. They are moving this week so I wanted to see them before they did. They'll only be about 6 hours away, but that's far enough we won't be up to see them much. We haven't been to see family and friends that are only 4 hours away since May when we went to my sisters graduation.


lacey said...

hi jackie how are you???? im confuesed you have a sister that has twin daughters??? this is the jackie whos sisters are Leona, Hattie, and Tilly right?????

Jackie said...

Hi Lacey, yep same Jackie. I have another sister and brother from my dad's second marriage. I have a very big, confusing family, lol.