Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year Resolutions

I try and make these every year, and hardly stick with any of them. Here are mine for 2008

1. Stick with this years resolutions.
2. Lose weight, the number on the scale is getting too scary for me.
3. Get organized, I'm tired of never being able to find anything.
4. Start having mother/daughter girls really need to stick together as we are outnumbered in this house and I'm hoping a little more individual time will help her moods more (I think some of her mood swings/tantrums are just for attention and not because she's truly mad or frustrated at anyone).
5. Find a babysitter for at least one evening a month so I can date my husband. Or at least another couple in the same boat who would like to trade babysitting duties so we each can go out once a month with out having to pay outrageous fees for a babysitter.

There that's about it, I like to keep it a small number. There are a million more things I would like to do but I am very bad about overwhelming myself by trying to do it all, all at once and then end up doing none of it.

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