Friday, March 14, 2008

Kids, Kids and more Kids

I should be straightening up getting ready for dd's little friend to come over. I hate cleaning up after people who are able to do it themselves though, even when those people are my kiddies. I love them but I'm their mom not their maid and this gets so old so quickly. We had kids coming by and calling till after 8pm last night, so we're gonna have to set some ground rules there. We are not used to this if ya didn't know. We've either lived where there were no kids nearby or where there were no kids at all. So having all these kids coming over from the time they get off the bus till they finally get the hint that our kids either need to eat, go to bed or do homework and can't play is kinda annoying. The neighbors next door aren't bad, their kids go to bed at the same hour ours does. The ones a couple doors down stay out till it's too dark to see. They're nice kids though and I don't mind them over, just gonna have to set some rules for everyone to follow at Mrs Jackie's house (like no coming over after 6pm on a school night and no calling after 7pm on a school night, Fridays and Saturdays we're real flexible). I love that my kiddies are making friends now, though I think dd may end up stretching herself kinda thin. She's trying so hard to make everyone happy and they are always wanting her to play with each of them and it stresses her a bit I think. Just need to get all the girls playing the same thing, only thing is one of the girls has CP and, while she can do many, many things and is a great kid , she does have her limits and tries to get everyone to do what she wants. Once all the new wears off dd, they'll all settle down and not demand her attention so often I think(hope). I don't want anyone feeling left out but dd needs learn that she cannot be everything to everyone, she'll burn out so quick(speaking a little from experience) and not want a thing to do with anyone.
My oldest is now 4-5 hours away on his field trip...I'm a bundle of nerves, lol. I don't like them riding with someone else that far away. The fifth grade took charter buses to go explore a cave in middle tn. They left at about 4:30 this morning and should be back around 10pm tonight. Yea I'm picturing bus crashes and remembering reports of buses full of kids having accidents and everything. I'm sure he'll be fine, and I know I can't keep him at my hip forever. Growing up sucks though and I wish , sometimes, they would stop doing it for a couple years. I met his friend he's always going on about this morning. He didn't seem like the sort I would picture my son making friends with. He's kinda of a rough and tumble boy and my oldest son isn't. A friend is a friend and my oldest son is getting ready to go into middle school and he'll need all the friends he can get 'cause middle school is the worst. Elementary and High School are okay but kids can get real ugly in middle school.
Well I need to do a 10 minute tidy before the invaders reach the moat and breech our strongholds....I mean before the kids come home.

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Queenie said...

Isn't it funny that we clean up BEFORE company comes and they always leave a mess and we have to clean up AFTER they leave too? LOL!

I have a project going on at my Health Blog. Hope you can come by and check it out.