Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let's Get Dirty!

I just got back from digging up 3 types of irises, monkey grass, 3 types of lily, cannas, iron cane and hostas with the promise of more when they start coming up. The lady I got them from said the interstate is getting ready to go through her backyard and she'll be damned before she lets all her flowers go to the bulldozer. So I get to benefit from it. I got all these plants in my van and now I got to figure out what to do with them all, lol. I was just planning on getting a couple dozen irises, now I have about 3x that amount. So I'm going to be out playing in the mud the next couple of days getting these all in the ground. It's going to be so pretty I'll have to show pictures when they all get going good. Taking my tiller and those heavy buckets and bags of plants up and down my hill is going to be a work out, I can feel my poor arms and legs already. I love it.

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