Monday, March 24, 2008

Made it through the weekend...

Now only one more week of Spring break to get through. I put in an application at a nursing home near here. I've only worked for the company I'm currently working for a couple months now but it's gotten old quick. They asked me to work 11-7 Friday, I was fine with that. Well 30 minutes after I get home I start getting phone calls from my supervisor. She wanted me to come in at 3 and work from 3p-7a (I had already agreed to come in an extra hour early), yea I told her I didn't think so (I was a little cranky 'cause I hadn't slept yet and the thought of working 8 hours getting a just a few hours sleep and then working 15 hours just did not sound good to me). Then I finally get about 2 and a half hours sleep she calls me back asking if I can be there at noon for OT training. This was at 10:45, it's a 20 minute drive to the place so I figured I would just get up and go, she said the training was only gonna last 30 minutes. So I get there and wait for 20 minutes for this lady who is suppose to show up and finally my supervisor calls her and she's not coming in tell 5pm. I'm real happy about hearing this. So I go home eat lunch and get another hours sleep, spend a little time with my family and get ready to be there at 5pm...get there at 5pm and the lady does not show up till 6pm (the time I had originally agreed to coming in). I just love how organized this company is. So basically I've decided this is it, I cannot be at beck and call for them for the little amount they pay me. I cannot just drop stuff and come in, I have kids I have to arrange and plan things and so need nearly a days notice to do such.
So I applied at the nursing home, spoke with the D.O.N. for a minute who said to call her this afternoon and she would see what we could do. I make more money working at a nursing home and will feel more appreciated.
Okay back to the title, lol. Still having the influx of children at our place, I'm getting real tired of the bully tendencies of the neighbor boys though. It's stressing my dd out who is feeling like she has to protect everyone (herself, her brother's, the girl up the street and the boys' own sister and our property) from these boys. She's only ten, this is a tall order she's putting on herself. She's not coming and getting me the instant these boys start their shit like I've told her to (damned independent children I'm raising here...they all are like their daddy and I and try their best to work out all their problems and everyone else's without asking for help). It's not mental bullying either(or not just name-calling, laughing and teasing) these boys have been getting a bit physical as well(kicking, pinching and scratching) and all these girls are doing is minding their own business. I think it's mostly a group thing, 'cause I've noticed on a one-on-one basis these boys are all right and polite. When they are all together though, then they start shit. If my kids are outside either their daddy or me or both are outside and we see and hear everything so I know the girls are not making it up as I've had to go and break up the fights. If this spring break week is what summer is going to be like then it's gonna suck.

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lacey said...

hang in there jackie!!!! i would go march up the the kids partents and say hey look here your kids are NOT going to be physical with my kids!!!!!!