Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snow came and new fav magazine

Well the snow showed up about the same time the kids were getting off the bus yesterday. We ended up with about 3 inches or so that all already beginning to melt off and it's only 10:40am. I'll probably still have Hubby take me to work tonight just in case there are slick spots, I don't do well on ice and try to avoid it as much as possible. The snow is pretty as long as I'm in my nice warm house looking out the window.
I've been following the Eat Clean book as close as I can and I'm proud to say I've lost 4lbs so far. It's only been 2 or 3 weeks so I'm proud of it. At first I thought it was water weight...then I went up a little over a pound the other day only to go right back to the lower weight a day later and stay :) So I can say it's working(I also thought I looked a little slimmer in the mirror last night, Hubby agreed but being the smart man he is he usually does agree, lol). I need to find or buy a measuring tape and take my measurements 'cause I know I'll plateau off on the weight but continue to lose's what I usually do. I'm trying to get Hubby into the clean eating but he's iffy. His excuse is "I want to eat food that tastes good" I came back with what's so bad about fresh veggies and fruits. He doesn't like the whole wheat pasta, so I'm either going to have to find a brand that doesn't taste like cardboard or find some other compromise. He does like brown rice and wild rice and says whole wheat bread is okay so that's a plus.
Oh in the title I said I found a new fav's called Clean Eating (their website is it's got beautiful pictures of the recipes and I like the articles. If your on a special diet(gluten free, wheat free etc) the magazine has recipes that go with those as well. So it's going to be one of my regular reads like Self and Fitness magazine.

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