Monday, October 17, 2011

Been Thinking

     I've been thinking about a few things lately...well lately being this morning mostly and  little bit yesterday.  There are a few things I need to be doing in order to be a better mom to my kiddies.  They are growing so fast and getting so close to being young adults.  My oldest is about to turn 15 for goodness sake and talking about having a military career, going to college and being a farmer when he's through with all that (I'm thinking of a post of how people nowadays think of retirement, it's no longer sitting back taking it easy or going traveling it seems).
   Anyway, back to the been thinking part.  I was thinking on the sermon the preacher gave yesterday. It was on James 1: 19-21.  How we should be "swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath."  I really need to try harder with this when dealing with my children.  The preacher talked a bit on that as well, when dealing with our children.  We expect them to actively listen to us when we speak.  They have every right to expect us to actively listen to them as well.  Sometimes, I'll be reading, or doing something online or just plain not giving them my 100% attention when they ask for it.  So they get a lot of  Uh huh's, We'll see's, and Maybe's or the "Go ask your dad" which in turn goes to "Go ask your mom" (I have to admit though, sometimes Hubby and I are just funning them when we do that) . Also, I do sometimes interrupt them mid-speak when they are trying to tell me something that I "think" I already know what they want to say or ask for (I'm not sure when I became a mind-reader, I have to admit I'm not a very good one).  For "slow to wrath", yep guilty.  I have a quick fuse, it's became longer over the years.  Sometimes though just the smallest thing sets it off, usually during high stress periods like finals week.  I need to make sure I'm taking a moment, calming down, before dealing with what ever has angered me, or that I've perceived has angered me.  Sometimes it's nothing that major and not worth getting angry over.
    So I need to fix this, I need to open my ears, close my mouth, and take a moment to breathe when something gets my dander up.  Sounds easy, right?  I believe in teaching by example.  Children will mimic what they see their parents doing if they believe it's what you're suppose to do.  Also if I do this then when I reprimand to do the same I can point out that I've been doing it as well.
    Another thing that got me thinking is I need to be more available to my kiddies.  More there.  This came to my attention this morning when I was on the computer checking my Facebook account and the kiddies were in the living room eating breakfast and watching cartoons.  I'm for quality over quantity when it comes to family time.  You don't remember how much time you spent with your family growing up, but you do remember the moments you spent together.  With our schedules, meals together doesn't always work out.  For example, this semester I'm home after 7pm four nights a week.  The kids' bedtime is 8pm so dinner is usually between 5 and 6p. Hubby eats with them those nights of course, I can't because I'm home after dinner is through.  I can eat breakfast with them though.  Maybe we can implement a Saturday night dinner thing.  I've got to think about this one some more, but there has to be ways that as a family we can be more "there" with each other.  We are bad, as a group, about drifting off into our own little corners.
Okay, wow, this turned into a longer post then I had intended...a little more ramble-y as well.  I guess I'll continue this tomorrow.  Have a great day.

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