Monday, October 24, 2011

Just some random stuff.

Yes I did make the scarecrow, I'll post a picture tonight when I get home from class. I meant to post it last night but got busy watching t.v. and hanging out with the family. I also made a wreath that I think looks more Christmas-y then Fall-like. I'm going to go ahead and hang it on the door and snap a picture to show you and see what you think. The colors are kind of fall-like and I did glue a few acorns to it. I wanted to used downed leaves but I just couldn't get them to stick the way I wanted them too. I was also afraid with the way the kiddies go in and out the door that the leaves would fall off leaving me with a nekkie wreath on the front door.
I need to get studying hard for tests this week and next. I've been glancing over the information but cannot honestly say I've been studying it. I feel like I know about 80% of everything fine. It's that 20% I need to worry about.
I also have a recipe to post on my other blog, just as soon as I upload the picture for it. Seems to be a pattern going on here. I've already written the blog post though, so that's a plus. Just have to upload the picture and click publish.
Speaking of recipes, next weekend(sometime between running a 5k, oldest son's Civil Air Patrol meeting, church and studying and working on scarves), I'm going to go through my google reader and my favorites pages (on both computers) and go through all the recipes I've either saved, liked or starred. I have several that I want to do, but either can't find them, forgot about them or something like that. So the plan is to go through and start printing out the ones that I've tried and went over well with my bunch. Then I can make a list of the ones I have yet to try and get on it. Some I need to redo to make them healthier, but that's okay.
Well I guess it's time to crack open this Physics book for a bit before class. Sorry for the rambling post, just catching up a bit.

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